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One year ago, I had to choose among various formations. And I've always wanted to work in arts.
The fact is that my parents wanted me to get a secure one first: No complaints here, this one can lead me to use photoshop and Illustrator, but this is a minor aspect of this formation (4 hours per week only, and my teachers had to call a professionnal over to teach us).
Once, I had shown a booklet about an art college to my parents. It would display late school year art. But my father was convinced that I couldn't manage to enter an art college: he thought these drawings were EARLY school year art, and said that my art was inferior (and still thinks it). Yet he's among the first ones to be confident about me.

So I tried to enter the nearest art formation. First, you have to know that this art formation was made for people who didn't choose a whole art path in highschool, which was my case: I  had followed a litterary path in high school (safer, according to my parents), but I also had special art classes, and the art option.
When it was time to choose our next formation in college, My mother forced me to take my current (see above) formation, thinking it would be safer for me, later in my life, and that this art formation was too far away (accomodation fee, stuff... yet social aids exist). I'm not cross with her about this first reason, but now I can no longer enter this art formation: it is VERY selective and people who graduated from high school more than one year ago can't enter it...

I think I might try to enter this art formation, but in a distance learning version... I'm not giving up YET, but...
My father still thinks that I CAN'T enter it, yet I keep seing people being able to enter this formation in the MOST AWESOME colleges... so I just feel like I'm the most stupid person around, while I have severe self confidence issues, regarding my brain.

... I really need help...

(If you want to take a look at my gallery, I'd advise you not to do so... I haven't uploaded anything in ages)
Hello there!

Two days ago, I wanted to draw something with my graphic tablet.
I plug it in, everything is normal.
I open Sai, the software won't react to the pen. So I use someone's method that actually helped me.
But the fact is that the lines were all the same. It changed depending on the brush, of course, but... it was just ugly.
It didn't react to pen pressure.
My stabilizer was on 1, then 4, 7... now it's on S-7. I wanted to know if it would change something, but... it didn't. Pen, ink pen, same look.
I really don't know what's going on with Paint tool Sai...
50% detection pressure (pen, obviously).

I tried with Photoshop and this is just fine, the lines are gorgeous.
I tried to look for the very last driver for my tablet (XL thin line), it was released in 2007 or 2010, I no longer now. I had already used my graphic pad last year without any problem, it would run smoothly.
It could be my graphic card (nvidia Geforce), but I heavily doubt it comes from it, either way it would be the same problem with Photoshop.

I use windows 10.
Could it be my Sai Parameters?
Or do I simply have to download Sai again? Well then, the most difficult part will be uninstalling the software, and putting the licence thingy in the folder, I guess.

Thanks in advance for your answers and have a good day :)
Wooow man! It's been forever since I last posted anything in here. And yet, I had promised to be more active. Sorry about that! :iconcryforeverplz:
Okay, so...
Let's begin with some news.
 -I gratuated and I'm now in college. I couldn't enter the school I wanted, but I still like the one I'm in.
 -For those who ask, the city where I study is... well... hm... in the middle of nowhere, and poorly served. So I have to sleep in the boarding school. It's not so bad, but I wish I didn't have to wake up at 5 am every monday. :iconfacepalmplz:
I wish I could bring my graphic pad... I honestly want to, but: It's not a problem of thefts issues, but my trolley handles decided to give me the finger. :icondeathstareplz: My laptop already was making it pretty heavy, but if I take my graphic pad in it, it's going to be a PAIN to travel with BROKEN HANDLES.
I could as well use my graphic pad once I'm home, but I have homework and stuff, and to be honest I play videogames instead of drawing. :')
I still draw a lot with traditional material, it's just that I can't really use my scanner: It must be pretty easy, actually, but my mother (who owns it) asks too many questions. When I scan mature drawings, this will be awkward.
Besides, there's a weird thing happening with the usb keys on her computer. I don't think it'll take so long, though.

Nevertheless, I recently imagined some drawings, and I will take care of them soon... Actually, there are four drawings:
-One of them illustrates a private joke with one of my friends about APH,
-Another includes the cast of Dofus: An Almost Normal Teens Life,
-The third one... hm... might contain "spoilers".
 "Who cares, knowing how often you post? -_-
-Aaaand the fourth and last one will be a DAANTL/FNAF crossover. (Wow man, they're already working on the fifth game, isn't it insane as f? Seriously. :iconwowplz:)
Oh, and there are some DAANTL pages ready by the way. They're just waiting to be scanned. ;)

Aaand all this post just to say:
Ouh vache! Ça fait une paie que j'avais rien posté, depuis la dernière fois! Pourtant j'avais promis d'être plus active! Pardon! :iconcryforeverplz:
Alors commençons par quelques news!
-Je suis en études supérieures (BTS). La MANAA m'a fait un doigt d'honneur magistral (je déteste être aussi éloignée des grandes villes... si j'avais été plus proche de ces coins, j'aurais été prise, en voyant mes dessins tradi, sérieux...)
-Pour ceux qui se posent la question, j'étudie dans un trou paumé très mal desservi. Du coup, je suis en internat en semaine, mais se lever à 5h du mat' les lundis matins, c'est... moins cool. :iconfacepalmplz:
J'aimerais bien pouvoir embarquer ma tablette graphique... c'est pas un problème relatif aux vols et tout, mais les poignées de ma valise ont décidé de me dégainer leur majeur. :icondeathstareplz: Ma valise était déjà lourde avec mon ordi inclus, mais alors là ce serait mission impossible, de voyager avec tout ça ET des POIGNEES CASSEES.
Je pourrais aussi utiliser ma tablette une fois rentrées, mais j'ai du taff, bien sûr, et honnêtement je joue à des jeux vidéos au lieu de dessiner... :')
Détrompez-vous, je ne perds pas le goût du dessin, mais le souci c'est que je ne sais pas et ne peux pas vraiment utiliser mon scanner: je ne sais pas m'en servir (bon ça doit pas être compliqué non plus), mais en plus ma mère poserait trop de questions, notamment par rapport à ceux qui ont un contenu mature.
En plus, il y a un truc chelou avec les clés usb sur l'ordi de ma mère... enfin bon, faut juste repérer la mienne 8')

En tout cas, quatre dessins sont en cours de préparation:
Le premier illustre un délire sur APH entre une amie à moi et moi-même,
Le deuxième inclut les personnages de DUVAPN,
Le troisième risque de spoiler un peu, je sais pas trop.
"Vu le rythme auquel tu postes...
Eeet le dernier sera un crossover DUVAPN/FNAF (ils en sont déjà au cinq, sérieux, les barges... :iconwowplz: ) .
Oh, et quelques pages de DUVAPN sont prêtes: elles attendent juste le passage du scanner ;)
  • Listening to: Vocaloid songs/chansons de Vocaloid
  • Reading: Mangas,comics/BD
  • Watching: Bloopers/bêtisiers,...
  • Playing:'!
  • Eating: Er...well!Random: pancakes
  • Drinking: water/eau,ice tea,coca...
Hey!?How did you get there!?'s okay,don't worry!

Hé!?Comment avez-vous fait pour arriver ici!?
Bon...c'est rien,ne vous inquiétez pas!

ENGLISH: name is Lowansa.I mean..I've got two names.This one is sioux (Thanks Daddy),I',no,i'm not old.I'm...15!Soon! ^^'
I live in France.I'm french.So,sorry if my english sucks!
I'm not studying art for the moment,but...I like drawing.Actually,I use my graphic tablet.Or DAmuro.It's not easy,but,i can draw with this.^^'
More informations soon! ;)

Eh bien...mon prénom est Lowansa.Je veux dire...j'ai deux prénoms.Celui-là est sioux (Merci Papa),j'ai...euh...bah,non,je suis pas vieille.J'ai...15 ans! ^^'
Je vis en France.
Je n'étudie pas l'art pour le moment,mais...j'aime dessiner.En fait,j'utilise ma tablette graphique ou DAmuro.Ce n'est pas facile,mais,je peux dessiner avec ça.^^'

Plus d'informations bientôt! ;)


Lowansa (Middle name)
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm french, and I'm 18!
I'm in college, and I'm currently studying communication to learn about infography (which makes me think about my kind of deviantart member. Design & interfaces, or digital art? Well, somehow it's both, so...)
But I'm also a hobbyist anime artist. When I draw that, I use either my good ol' pen, or either my graphic pad. Depends!
I use: Paint tool Sai, the GIMP 2 (very rare), Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.
You might someday see things that I've created with the three last softwares quoted.

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